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Textile Engraving Ink

Textile Engraving Ink

  1. Hongsam is the patent holder of textile pigment ink in China with independent intellectual property right.
  2. Textile pigment ink has passed the ECO PASSPORT certification of the OEKO-TEX.
  3. Suitable for printing on cotton, artifical cotton, nylon, polyester cotton, nylon cotton and blended fabrics.
  4. Excellent color performance, unique bright red configuration, wider color gamut.
  5. Washing, rubbing and light fastness meet or exceed national standard.
  6. HD type-brightness pigment ink suitable for graments, cut piece and cotton socks printing.
  7. The process is simple, no need to steam or wash, saving energy.
  8. Good fluency, excellent printing performance, and protect print head.

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